Museum Festung Franzensfeste
12.09. – 30.12.2020

Curated by: Heinrich Schwazer

Almost 50 artists show their very personal perspective on the Lockout. The exhibition emerged from a survey by Heinrich Schwazer that appeared in the daily newspaper during and after the lockdown.

The changes we experienced in the last few months were overwhelming. Seemingly suddenly, our previous world of life collapsed. The Lockdown ripped us out of our everyday lives and catapulted us into a different reality, an altered reality.

Distance, control and fear were omnipresent buzzwords. Questions about why, about how we should manage and about a way out of this threatening situation were difficult to answer.
Solidarity, freedom and hope, however, awoke after the initial shock. What do we really need to live, what can we learn from this and in what direction must, can and should our world develop are questions that need to be answered.

And art? Where was it? How does it go on?

Inevitably, the pandemic paralysis of shock also gripped the art world. It too experienced the collapse, became invisible and continued to live behind closed doors, always ready for departure. With the exhibition at Franzensfeste, art – marked by the crisis, unimpressed or pioneering – can be experienced again.

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